The Books

6  books  &  a quickie



Bones Cover


poetry collection

Bones is a collection of poems written in 2017, the first year of a Donald Trump presidency; a year of national turbulence, and a year of personal turbulence for my family and me.  Bones marks the first time in my writing life that the poet came alive, with pieces that juxtapose the personal with the national, and traversing the landscape of loss, grief, upheaval, and transformation.







poetry chapbook

Viscera continues the spell of poetry-penning, with a smaller collection that is desperate, hungry, angry, hangry, and slaphappy.  With this collection,  I have jumped in without a life vest, to primally-scream about a failing kidney, a rallying cry, and a young man named Hans. Viscera, wades around in it, for certain, spinning a lyrical suite of survival and that inexplicable lifeforce of the young.





Aleatory Cover


100-word story collection

My first-ever short story collection goes all the way short.  I’ve used the exacting 100-word story form, variously known as flash fiction, postcard fiction, drabbles, and bite-sized fiction, to create miniatures that turn their own worlds upside down.   Weaving through the vista of artists, loners, lovers, losers, dreamers, those lost, those found, this collection of microstories explores a world as baffling as it is beautiful.






general / literary fiction

An existential tale of the rarely depicted Los Angeles art scene that explores themes of violence and redemption. Setting its stage in the diverse boroughs of pre-Millennial L.A. and climaxing in the feverish streets of Paris, this new work is a kaleidoscope of violent mood and memory, a meditation on art and artists, and an atmospheric, sometimes brutal parable on the complex nature of love, which asks the question: what can we forgive?






Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00072]



Setting its story in a single day, four Los Angeles musicians struggle to make their living as such, and are each faced with a plight to which they must seek a resolve. By the end of the business day, their lives will have intersected in ways much like the intersection of a musical trading fours that builds to a dramatic cadence.







memoir / non fiction

On July 22, 2008 I successfully donated a kidney to Hans San Juan at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, during quite possibly the most profound spell of depression I had ever experienced. This trilogy of journals takes on my own dark times and the surprising leaps of faith it sometimes takes to be delivered, as it depicts an extraordinary and life-altering adventure that turned out to save not one life, but two.








and finally, a tiny odyssey to wet your whistle, from Aleatory on the Radio. . .




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