The Music



folk, alt-folk, blues, roots, rock, ambient,

experimental, world, quartet, ethnic,

art, abstract, post-modern, voodoo, chant,

global folk, dreams, african, chinese, irish,

sanskrit, aboriginal, swahili, spirituals, industrial,

organic, singer/songwriter, ancestral





MusicForTheWeepingWomanintimate, duo, pas de deux, acoustic, electronic,

ambient, moody, textural, singer/songwriter,

guernica, grungy, sea shanty, internal, meditative,

post-modern, picasso, woman, weeping, tears,

tibetan, singing bowls, guitars, sitars, lush,






TheSlowClubjazz, buoyant, playful, paris, night club, quartet,

chanteuse, torch, van gogh, dylan thomas,

storytelling, vocalise, straight ahead, songo,

clave, speakeasy, rue du rivoli, alto, pathos,

moody, irascible, lighthearted, bebop,

smoky, tangy, past life





expressionismexpressionistic, integrative, jazz, rock, funk, ecm,

fusion, eruption, cross-genre, alchemy, hendrix,

waits, stones, joni, elliott, beatles, blue notes,

farsi, freak flag, mellow, raucous, progressive,

beatnik, poetry, spoken word, reinvention,

collision imagery





Winterwinter, christmas, seasonal, holiday,

traditional, contemporary, new, old, folk, jazz,

intimate, waits-ian, celtic, eclectic, playful,

coquettish, nostalgic, joyous, melancholy,

hoar frost, restoration, reflection,






orphan-songs2anti-album, orphans, independent, singles,

homeless, jazz, gospel, gregorian chant,

chorales, new age, alt-rock, blues, electronic,

eclectic, burlesque, cabaret, dark cabaret,

improvisation, d&b, trance, melting pot






globalyogafrontnew-copyyoga, meditation, mindfulness, instructional,

inward, asanas, chakras, sun salutations,

music, improvisational, aural, ambient,

mind, body, spirit, healing, hatha, kundalini,

soul tending, self inquiry, eastern, 

relax, restore, renew





StandardProcedurejazz, standards, society, four seasons, trio,

lounge, torch, french, chanteuse, piano,

bass, acoustic, intimate, minimalist,

cabaret, whimsical, dining, drinking,

american songbook






RainyDaySessionsstandards, pop, jazz, blues, covers,

easy listening, naked, rainy day, rain,

storm, bass, acoustic, intimate, minimalist,

guitar, piano, melancholy, lazy, lovers,

romantic, love, voice, burnished alto






ANGELA (Japan CD)debut, jazz, pop, 80’s, synth,

japanese, easy listening, latin jazz,

fun, yo cats, wide-eyed, innocent, 

electronic, commercial,

youthful, young, 






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