The Girl


I’m Angela Carole Brown, an author, singer/songwriter, artist, and recipient of the North Street Book Prize in Literary Fiction, and the SoulWord Magazine Award in Poetry.

My published books include:
The Assassination of Gabriel Champion
The Kidney Journals: Memoirs of a Desperate Lifesaver
Trading Fours (2018 North Street Book Prize Winner)

My feature albums include:
Resting on the Rock
The Slow Club
Music for the Weeping Woman
Global Yoga

My proudest achievement is as a kidney donor, which I did in 2008 for a young man who was given a new lease on life.  Me too, for that matter.  I now hold him emotional hostage to do my bidding when and where I feel the whim.

I’m happy to finally be a charter member of the blogosphere, and am excited to share my own personal glimpses, observations, and musings on art, creativity, wellness, conscious living, and the always irascible and utterly compelling human condition, through essays, poetry, and prose.

The reason I call this blog Bindi Girl Chronicles is explained in my very first post, So, This Bindi Thing . . .


I can be reached at:  acb3000 [at] juno [dot] com.   Or any of the cyber joints I loiter below.

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7 thoughts on “The Girl

  1. Was delighted and enlightened visiting your blog (and your dark caves, and your weedy tangly forest…….) “Write On” Magical Wounded Child……..Awesome!


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