The Richest Girl

My little moviette! For kids ages 8 to 108!

My newest creative venture is a children’s videobook, THE RICHEST GIRL IN THE WORLD, which I wrote 40 years ago, and illustrated 25 years ago. I guess I wanted to take up my entire life getting this out. 2020 seemed the perfect year to finally do that, with all the upheaval the world went through. Originally envisioned as a traditional picture book, I finally did a complete 180 a couple of years ago, and decided to make it a videobook, inspired, in part, by the classic “Peter and the Wolf” and a little bit of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” So, I’ve now taken on the mantle of narrator and video editor, as well (someone else though, the very gifted pianist/composer Chris Hardin, did the music, and it is fantastic!).

Winner of a People’s Choice Award and an Honorable Mention from Digifest Temecula 2021, and the Buddha International Film Festival & the Indo Global International Film Festival awards for Best Multimedia Film, it sets the stage for a timeless and quintessentially fable-istic tale on the indwelling nature of friendship. Lessons in gratitude and seeing beauty everywhere are taught by the story’s two characters. In this New Age where soul-tending and mindfulness are no longer fringe flowerchild ideas but are in our everyday lexicon, THE RICHEST GIRL IN THE WORLD is right on time to offer Kid-Lit for a risen consciousness. With playful references to Van Gogh, Banksy, and Munch, The Richest Girl is for kids ages 8 to 108!

Praise for The Richest Girl in the World

Brava!!!  This is gorgeous on all levels.  Thank you for this gift.
Angela Carole Brown has created a beautiful new (and timeless) story for us all!
Her words, her voice, her imagery are something joyous to share with loved ones of all ages.


This is a beautiful storybook by Angela Carole Brown that should be seen by everyone!
So inspiring, so brilliantly done. Take 20 minutes to feel its kiss. Worth it, I promise.
Left me dancing a little jig.


This was truly lovely. I love the art references like Van Gogh and Banksy. It was wonderful.

So, so awesome! I loved every minute of it! So poignant in today’s world, especially L.A.!
Shimmy and shuffle, ACB!


A beautiful story, and a gorgeous art book to boot!
I found myself drifting into the story at the first frame. You and your kiddies will too!
I loved it, and would recommend this to any teacher looking for a
visual story with an upbeat story line, and with positive, life-affirming treasures
sprinkled here and there throughout. Truly a story for all ages.


We sat here APPLAUDING while the credits were rolling!!!  LOVED your story, the animation, the voiceover work.  Your narration was just perfect and the artwork was so wonderful.  Angela, I’m so happy for you! Your work added an uplifted feeling to our Christmas morning!  
So much to be thankful for. 
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this book with us!


A story filled with life’s best lessons!

Absolutely fantastic, sophisticated, light-hearted, great piano music, great piano playing, great illustrations, great characters, no — not great — perfect, endearing, intelligent, artistic, (have I said enough) Oh yeah, loved it.

I am speechless… your book is not only great, the story is so marvelous and personal.  I can’t even find the words that fit how I feel because you did a wonderful job and that book can be a best seller if you push it!!!

Oh my!!!  What a beautifully written and illustrated lesson about gratitude. 
Thanks for this sweet reminder.   I loved it!


Brava!  It’s beautiful, colorful, heartfelt, engaging.

What a treat.  I love the artwork.  I love the story.  The music is great.  I think Angela’s got herself a real winner.

The Richest Girl in the World is sensational!! We watched it on our big screen TV. I will tell you I have been depressed AF, and it lifted my spirits. I love the message. I love the way Angela uses her art to define spatial places and I love her use of color. I adore the video and I really long to hold the book in my hot little hands. Yeah. I said a book. In addition to the video.  Chris did a great job on the music!!  Do yourself a favor and watch this beautiful piece of work if you have not seen it before.  Wise, insightful and full of joy.  Both gritty and angelic.

You’ve made these dark times beautiful with your talents.  Brava!

This will definitely become a family tradition to watch this narrated picture book at Christmas.

I loved every moment of this wonderful story….could not hit pause.  Thank you, Angela.

My wife and I just finished watching this and are richer for it!  Chris Hardin’s music fits so well it seems composed for the film.  I loved the artwork.  It gave it its own feel.  BRAVA !!!!!!!

I just watched The Richest Girl in the World. Beautiful!   It was a perfect message for a Christmas day; it really is about gratitude and appreciating the moment, and each other.