Always At My Fingertips


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.”  Marcel Proust

Last week I was in a bad way.

Just life stuff.

Then I immersed myself in a daily regimen of meditation.

I do that anyway, but this has been more of an intensive.

And already I feel lifted, unburdened, and putting everything in its proper perspective.

My home and family were not destroyed in a typhoon.

I wasn’t the victim of a bomb explosion.

What’s happening in my life right now is merely an inconvenience, not catastrophe.

Sure, there’ll be moments again where I’m ready for the razor blades,

but it’s reassuring to know that there is a concrete way to anchor myself

always at my fingertips (in gyan mudra!)

whenever I need it.

God bless the power of silence and turning inward.



Angela Carole Brown is the author of three published books, The Assassination of Gabriel Champion, The Kidney Journals: Memoirs of a Desperate Lifesaver, and Trading Fours, and has produced several albums of music and a yoga/mindfulness CD.   Bindi Girl Chronicles is her writing blog.

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